Here are a set of resources that will help grow your influence, impact, and value as a respected leader.

Articles and Videos  

1 - Five Key Roles of the CPAO or CGAO

Chief Public Affairs Officers or Chief Government Affairs Officers have five roles that need to be balanced for optimum effectiveness. We can help you begin begin your journey to balanced performance and improvement.

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2 - Video - Iron Peak's View on Measurement

A two-minute clip that shows you how to approach value measurement

3 - Best Practice Study
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4 - Aim for the Zone of Constructive Engagement (New)

Co-authored with President of the Issue Management Council. Guides leaders to calibrate responses for external attacks or threats.


1 - Four Ways to Measure P&L Impact

Our framework links the business perspective with the Government  or Public Affairs perspective

2 - Financial Impact Scoring Tool (FIST)

This tool creates a portfolio view of the issues facing the company and their P&L impact - individually and in aggregate -- informing your advocacy strategy and application of resources 

FIST Overview


1 - Showcasing Value and Demonstrating ROI


2 - SGAC Webinar on Measuring Financial Impact of Government Affairs

Ways to demonstrate P&L impact, and results of a survey of practices of members.


IMPACT newsletter article 10/18
(Policy Action Shifts to States)

Rick is quoted about the importance of conveying Public Affairs value in profit and loss terms to resonate with executives. See pages 4-6.