We solve tough questions on how to justify the value and grow the business relevance of Public Affairs

We conduct best practice assessments, calculate the Total Enterprise Cost of Regulatory Compliance (TECRC), test feasibility of different measurement approaches, design new management processes and tools, pilot them, roll them out, and evaluate programs.


Here are some samples as expressed by clients:


  • What is our role, and how do we create business value? -- "The role of Public Affairs in the corporation was not clear, but now we have a tight value proposition, a clear strategy, and most importantly, a better operating model and defined processes to get our work done"


  • Is that investment worth it? -- "We were asked to support a very politically motivated investment, but after an analysis, we concluded that it would contribute almost nothing to fulfilling our strategy, so ultimately our Board supported our recommendation that we sit it out"


  • What is our real cost of compliance with government regulation? -- "Regulation has always been a major part of what we have to deal with in this industry, but until we really investigated, we did not know how large our total cost of compliance really was. Now we look much more critically about how we meet regulatory requirements"


  • Does Public Affairs pull its weight? -- "Our department was not respected internally and viewed as a drain on scarce corporate resources. With a better functional strategy now and improved performance measurements, we have earned back our credibility"


  • Who should really decide? -- "It used to be that the loudest voice determined our actions and priorities as a company; now that we have better internal processes that define who can decide what, so we present a more rational stance to the world"